About Our Customers


USAT has experienced explosive growth in its customer base as cashless adoption continues to expand in self-serve retail. Our customers range from "mom and pops" to some of the world's strongest brands, including Canteen, Aramark, AMI Entertainment and Starbucks.

The point of difference

Our solutions are designed to be scalable, reliable and turnkey, so it’s easy for our customers to transition to, and manage, their cashless payment locations. From a choice of point of sale acceptance mechanisms to wireless gateway, processing and 24 x 7 customer service, we do it all so our customers can focus on what they do best.

The power of data

Our customer base and the billions of cash and cashless transactions we handle on their behalf gives USAT powerful insight as to market trends and consumer behaviors. This valuable collection of real self-serve retail data continues to support the view that fewer of us are carrying cash and more of us prefer to use our credit/debit card or a mobile device to pay for goods and services. And our customers are benefiting as a result.

The potential

USAT’s ePort Connect customer base has expanded in leaps and bounds, bringing with it an ongoing potential of future connections as these customers continue to transition their cash or coin-operated machines to cashless payment technologies.

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