About Our Markets


Our vision is to help customers make the transition to cashless easy, reliable and beneficial to their businesses.

Our solutions were designed primarily for the unique needs of the small-ticket unattended point of sale (POS) market - a market in the early stages of transition from cash and coin, to various forms of electronic payment.  We estimate the markets we serve generate over $120 billion in annual transaction revenues, representing 13-15 million potential "connections".  We hold the largest share of cashless connections in the vending market and we are continuing to build our presence in other similar market segments.

We serve a variety of traditionally cash-based industries such as vending, kiosk, commercial laundry, amusement and arcade, car wash, transportation and more. Consumer preference and the business rewards that a networked cashless and telemetry system can provide continue to move these various markets toward cashless payment adoption.

We understand the nuances of these markets and provide comprehensive solutions and purchasing programs that align with our customers’ unique hardware or software requirements, business processes and financial goals.

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