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Here is where the right connection pays off.

Turnkey and integrated with the ePort Connect service suite, USAT’s secure payment acceptance solutions are designed to support today's popular forms of cashless payment - traditional magnetic stripe credit and debit cards, contactless credit and debit cards or, NFC-equipped mobile phones that allow customers to make purchases with their cell phones.

Secure Solutions for an Array of Applications

Easily retrofitted or designed into vending machines, kiosks or other unattended terminals, USAT’s ePort® line of cashless payment and networking systems combines wireless capability and USAT’s high standards of security with a rich feature set developed from over fifteen years of know-how, propriety software and patented technologies for the unattended market. Current offerings include the ePort Interactive, the ePort G10-S, the ePort G9 and an array of 3rd Party hardware.


Quick Connect, our Web service, gives developers and other device manufacturers streamlined access to USAT’s comprehensive ePort Connect service. This simple interface is all you need to ensure your cashless payment needs have turnkey access to the full suite of services available through ePort Connect.