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Products & Services

In today's fast-paced technical world, choice is important. In addition to our own products, ePort Connect's open and flexible service platform supports a number of 3rd party cashless acceptance technologies.

Work with a USAT sales representive to mix and match these point of sale devices to accommodate the needs of your unique operation while optimizing your ePort Connect service platform.

Any of the following devices allow our customers to tap into anything on our award-winning network, from two-tier pricing, blended processing rates and campus card integration to the powerful MORE loyalty and consumer engagement platform.

Card readers used in conjunction with an ePort telemeter:

  • All ePort NFC/Contactless card bezel solutions
  • Ingenico's IUC285 All-in-one EMV and NFC/Contactless card bezel
  • Castles UPT1000 Touchscreen NFC/Contactless card bezel
  • MEI CASHFLOW 4-in-1 Plus validator
  • CPI's Currenza cash and card bezel

Card readers with an internal telemeter:

  • ePort Interactive Touchscreen NFC/Contactless technology
  • AirVend Touchscreen technology

Micro market kiosk solutions:

  • Breakroom Provisions (ECRS)
  • Vendors Exchange
  • Grab n Go Markets
  • Parlevel Systems
  • deOro Markets
  • Digital Checkouts
  • Shelfx
  • Microtronic US

Contact USAT Sales to learn more about leveraging these devices with ePort Connect platform.