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ePort Interactive
Entice and engage consumers with this vibrant touchscreen and powerful interactive media platform

A recent USAT study showed that installing ePort Interactive with targeted advertising yielded striking results:
• 22% increase in total revenue
• 12% increase in cashless average ticket

This is over and above pre-study cashless sales, learn more about the study here.

Act now to benefit from USAT’s new interactive technology, and get more from your unattended retail business.




ePort Interactive

ePort Interactive

The next generation of unattended retail. ePort® Interactive is the unattended industry's most advanced cloud-based interactive media and content delivery management system. It enables the delivery of nutritional information, remote refunds, loyalty programs, and robust, multimedia-marketing campaigns for the unattended and self-serve retail markets. The platform offers PCI DSS compliant security, and supports traditional magnetic stripe credit and debit cards, as well as NFC (Mobile Wallet) payments including Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Innovative Technology
The simple, clean touchscreen device that serves as a portal to ePort® Interactive is a secure, all-in-one cardreader and telemetry system. It supports traditional magnetic stripe credit and debit cards and NFC (Mobile Wallet) payments along with an ability to display nutritional information, issue remote refunds, serve up coupons & promotions and much more. Better yet, its vibrant, full color touch screen allows for the display of national or custom marketing and promotional campaigns. The hardware is supported by the full ePort Connect suite of services and integrates seamlessly to most Vending Management Systems through a simple DEX interface.

Broad Applications
The minimalistic design of the device and superior security features of both the device and the ePort Interactive platform make it the undisputed best-in-class solution for unattended operators looking for a payment solution that offers a platform with an array of high tech consumer engagement and content delivery options. Contact your USAT Sales representative to discuss the unique needs of your business and to find the right solution for you.

On-Screen Nutritional Facts: Dynamically displayed, detailed product information is available prior to purchase, informing the consumer about their selection.

On-Screen Advertising with Interactive User Interface: Brilliant touchscreens attract more customers and influence consumer purchasing patterns. The Interactive touch screen offers opportunities to incentivize positive consumer patterns and influence desirable purchasing behavior.

On-Screen Assistance: Save time and money by streamlining digital refund processing with unique credit codes that can be sent to customers via SMS text messages. Manage ‘free vend’ location occasions without ever needing to visit a machine.

Superior Data Protection: The ePort Interactive transmits strongly encrypted data to USALive, a PCI Level 1 compliant processor. In addition, cashless processing has been proven to reduce vending machine vandalism and theft.

Fast Transaction Processing: Our high-speed wireless connection and state-of-the-art processing allows USAT hardware to achieve some of the fastest authorization responses in the industry.

Remote Management: All machine data is available through the USALive website, offering real time sales information and server-side health alerts all connected machines. You can keep track of both cash, credit and contactless through DEX Telemetry reports.

Cross-platform Compatibility: Provides seamless integration with all major VMS systems. ePort Interactive is best equipped for full integration with VendMax, Cantaloupe and VendSys with export functionality well suited for Parlevel and Vagabond.

Product Specifications

Device ePort Interactive Cardreader/Telemeter
Manufacturer USA Technologies Inc.
Verticals Self Service, Unattended Payment uniquely suited for the Vending marketplace
Processing, Tracking and Real Time Reconciliation Mag Stripe, NFC/RFID, Cash
Size of Card Reader Height: 4.87" Width: 3.5" Depth: 2"
Air Interface Dedicated Dual Band EVDO, CDMA 1xRTT
Hardware Supported Connections DEX, MDB

ePort Interactive Installation Guides:

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