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As part of our ePort Connect® payment processing services, USAT provides 24/7 live Help Desk support for both merchant and consumer inquiries.


Our customers can use the Help Desk to get answers to hardware installation questions and service issues, and to access account information or to answer questions about the USALive reporting system.

Another major benefit to merchants, in addition to saving the expense of operating a help desk, is the reduction of chargebacks (debit of the original transaction amount) and related fees associated with micro-payments. USAT’s customer service helps minimize this risk for the operator by ensuring these incidents are kept at a minimum. Most chargebacks are related to the end user being confused about where their transaction took place. Because the Help Desk can provide that information, chargebacks can be more easily avoided.


USAT’s support number appears on all consumer receipts and in the transaction line item on the cardholder's monthly credit card statement. Consumers can call USAT with any transaction billing question they may have. Some of the more common questions are noted below or can be accessible by clicking on the Consumer FAQ link.

  • To Request a Refund or Receipt, please contact 1-888-561-4748, option 1 for immediate assistance.
  • Inquiries as to where the transaction took place (if customer is unsure)
  • Consumer FAQs
  • Phone: 1-888-561-4748, option 1