Products & Services Intelligent Vending™

Products & Services

USAT’s Intelligent Vending™ solutions ensure that your company has an opportunity to properly leverage your brand everywhere from the point of sale to the palm of consumers' hands.

Our Intelligent Vending™ services allow our partners to:

  • Accept credit or debit cards from anywhere through customized machines and kiosks while relying on USAT's expert testing and certification process to ensure a seamless transaction for the end-user.
  • Access fully integrated sales reports in the USALive reporting system
  • Enjoy Premium Support Services customized for each customer's unique needs
  • Leverage their personal brand on the USALive and MORE websites and in some cases, create custom website content based on consumer demand
  • Expand their business and increase revenues and sales reach through traditional retail marketing devices customized specifically for the self-service unattended market