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Create a win-win for your business and your consumers using USAT’s Two-Tier Pricing Program. Improve ROI when implementing cashless and telemetry by offering consumers the choice of two different vend prices while increasing customer convenience.

USAT’s tiered pricing program gives you the ability to charge two different vend prices on your vending machines: one price for credit/debit cards and one lower, "discounted" price for cash.

The Two-Tier Pricing Program provides a low-risk, low-cost way to capture additional sales while keeping the costs associated with the service to a minimum. You’ll also enjoy the flexibility to:

  • Choose your pricing: Set your standard vend prices for credit and debit cards to a price that allows you to cover card processing fees; your lower "discounted cash" price differential shouldn't exceed $.10.
  • Customize by location: Our flexible system enables you to set credit/debit price by account or machine.
  • Implement with ease: This tiered pricing capability can be added to machines automatically using USAT's over-the-air update system.

Download our Two-Tier Pricing Program PDF.