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Share in the knowledge from USAT’s 250,000 plus self-service retail locations utilizing our ePort Connect® service.

Our Knowledge Base represents one of the industry's most respected collections of real-time data regarding cashless adoption in self-serve retail.  We study both cash and cashless transaction data for over 30 business channels and sub-channels--great information that we use to help customers make the right strategic decisions about their cashless deployments.  Post deployment, customers use the Knowledge Base to compare their individual activity per their ePort Connect web portal, USALive, to overall industry trends such as incremental revenue post cashless installation, average transaction metrics, channel trending and more.

2014 Knowledge Base Highlights

2013 Knowledge Base Highlights

The Data – 2013 Knowledge Base

Revenue Growth: It Takes Time and Strategy

Volume Growth: Re-engaging the Consumer

Average “Spend” Grows

Raising Prices? Cashless Has Strong Price Elasticity

For more information on USAT’s 2013 Cashless Knowledge Base, contact a USA Technologies sales representative. Existing customers can also request customized reports which enable them to track individual performance against USAT’s Cashless Knowledge Base metrics.

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